Supporting Mature colleagues, working as disability assessors.

Hiring and retaining the best talent is key to our client Independent Assessment Services (IAS), success. As an organisation dedicated to age-friendly practices, our client IAS believes that attracting and nurturing less experienced candidates and mature talent is vitally important.

Mature workers possess bundles of wisdom and experience gained throughout their careers, that can be applied to the role of a disability assessor. As a skilful contributor, they are able to share their knowledge with colleagues through formal training, coaching or mentoring.

At Independent Assessment Services (IAS), age isn’t a factor. Our client is far more interested in a candidate’s work ethic, capabilities, qualifications, and whether they’re the right person for the job. In return, mature workers receive a wealth of support. Here’s a snapshot:

Carers’ policy

Currently one in nine people in the workforce is caring for someone who is older, disabled or seriously ill. The demands of being a carer can have a massive impact on our social, personal and professional lives. Our carers’ policy provides guidance for colleagues and managers to ensure that action is taken to enable carers to balance their caring and work responsibilities.

Menopause policy

The changing age of the UK’s workforce means that a large and increasing proportion of our colleagues are working through and well beyond the menopause. As an organisation, we want all colleagues to understand the menopause and be able to talk about it openly.  Our menopause policy provides clarity on what menopause is and sets out guidelines on providing support to manage menopausal symptoms at work.

Award-winning employee support networks

All colleagues have access to a wide range of employee support networks that are on hand to advise and support them in different areas of interest including: multicultural, armed forces, multi-generational, disability, gender, LGBT+, return to work, and environmental. Our multi-generational network ensures that everyone at IAS has the same chance to grow and succeed, regardless of their age.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

We place a huge emphasis on CPD, with regular reviews to ensure that mature workers have the chance to discuss their progress and ambitions and take charge of their development. Our ‘Future Fit’ programme allows colleagues to challenge themselves, receive personalised career support and discover new business growth areas and skills they’d like to develop.

Mentoring and reverse mentoring programmes

Less experienced colleagues can share their outlook with more experienced ones on interesting topics, gaining valuable insights from different generational and cultural perspectives in the process.

We’re committed to age diversity

We’ve recently teamed up with Renegade Generation as part of our ongoing commitment to creating an age-friendly workplace. Renegade Generation is a new platform dedicated to providing career resources and insights for mature workers, showcasing organisations that champion age-diversity through their policies and initiatives.

If you are interested to find out more or apply to work as as disability assessor, please click on the link Our Jobs | IMmagIn Recruitment or email [email protected]

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