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IMmagIN Recruitment are committed to helping businesses develop strategies that will help them attract top tier candidates while also streamlining the recruitment process and the costs involved. We have over 20 years of experience, which means we have worked with thousands of candidates and know exactly what they’re attracted to while looking for employment. This means we can help you find the right candidates to help your business develop and thrive.

We pride ourselves on cultivating great relationships with both the candidates and companies we work with. These relationships mean we can find the right candidate for your company’s culture with the right skills and values to be productive as soon as possible as well as being more likely to stay in role for as long as possible.

We endeavour to gain a full understanding of the requirements of the role in addition to your company’s ethos, values and environment. We take full details of your interview process as well as the salary and benefits package for the role. This means we have all the information necessary to find the candidates that will best fit your vacancy. We can do this via a face to face interview or really speed up the process with a video call. Our commitment to building strong relationships means our candidates trust us and that ensures a quicker response time and recommendations to other high quality jobseekers. We put your vacancy on all the top job boards in addition to utilising social media and local networking groups to attract the best quality people.

We work with hiring managers to schedule interviews and assessments while providing feedback to both parties every step of the way. We stay in constant contact with our candidates to reduce the chance of drop outs throughout the process. We also work with you and adapt if you have any concerns about the candidate.

Here at IMmagIN Recruitment, we work with you every step of the way, including after you’ve made your hire. We will stay in contact with your new hire and handle the process for you so they stay engaged and connected throughout their notice period. This will ensure better engagement, retention and attrition rates leading to a happier workforce and a better customer experience. We offer competitive pricing starting at just 10% for one off placements, 30-day Payment Terms and a generous satisfaction guarantee and rebate period.

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