#The Unvaccinated.

How are the mandatory Covid 19 vaccinations impacting Healthcare professionals who do not wish to be vaccinated?

Speaking with Candidates throughout January 2022, we have spoken with a number of healthcare professional looking for new and different opportunities that don’t require them to vaccinated.

Reasons for being unvaccinated really can vary for each individual from being scared of needles, having previous bad vaccination experience, being scared of the unknown, feeling rushed or forced to religious reasoning. But regardless of the personal reason for not wishing to be vaccinated, it is clearly forcing our health professionals to make unwanted choices of how they will continue with their chosen career as a Health professional.

In fact a recent impact assessment by the DHSC’s warns 73,000 NHS staff in England could be lost due to the government’s mandatory vaccination policy

Amidst calls from the healthcare sector to push back the mandatory vaccination date, what are the options out there for our trusted unvaccinated healthcare professionals, who we were clapping for weekly at 7pm on our doorsteps just a few months back?

Fortunately, there is some hope for the unvaccinated as the pandemic forces us to embrace new ways of working.  As for many of us, throughout the pandemic we have got used to working remotely and working from home and this has translated to many roles within the healthcare sector too and for many jobs it is something that is here to stay.  Consultations that were more traditionally conducted face to face are now conducted remotely using “zoom” or “teams”, words which meant something entirely different prior to 2020!

The pandemic has created a shift and change to how many services are delivered and has opened a new world of #WFH, be it for the better or worse!

If you find yourself at a crossroads looking for a new opportunity as the mandatory vaccination deadline looms or you are just looking for a Work from Home opportunity as a registered Nurse, Physiotherapist, Paramedic, Occupational Therapist or Medical Doctor, please get in touch for an initial informal conversation on 07904 196947; [email protected] or take a look on our website for current Work from Home opportunities

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